Friday, January 14, 2011

Let me get some blue with that orange..

I haven't done a fashion post in nearly forever! (Cause it's been quite cold out, can I use that as an excuse?)
Well, since I can't go outside to do one, why not do one inside the room I'm painting..
These 'clothes' are not just an ordinary clothes, they are actually lingerie, I'm wearing a long grayish-blue skirt slip, with a negligee' over it, and I'm using a see-through robe as a cover up. I also used a vintage pearl pin to add a bit of flow to it. - You can't really tell by these pictures, but it's very romantic looking. Who says you can't wear lingerie on the outside? I can't wait to go out in it! (Of course I might add some black or gray stockings since it's cold out.)
Now, when I did this little shoot right below, it was breakfast time.. so I had to post my bowl of Oatmeal with thrown-in Blue Berries, and my little bowl of Oranges and Berries.. so tasty! The perfect way to start the morning!

Skirt slip-Calvin Klein, Negligee'-mum's closest from back in the day, Pearl Pin-Vintage, and Suede Heels-Target.


Cherish Stockdale said...


Amanda* said...

Very cute! Also, YUMMY breakfast!

thomessa said...

Gorgeous shoes!!!

just the two of us! said...

thanks for following! what a fun post! I would totally do some fashion posts if my camera was nice enough to take decent pictures!

Anonymous said...

You can definitely use the "it's cold out" excuse, I know that excuse is one I always use on outfit posts! I seriously did not know this was lingerie! It doesn't look bad at all :)

Jodi said...

your photos are getting better and better!! I love this post and how you put the photos together.. and the ones from you other last posts are really good too.. love the ones of your new shoes.. and they ARE totally cute!!!

happy painting!! xoxox J