Monday, February 14, 2011

"All you need is love" -John Lennon

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!
For starters, I just wanted to say my boyfriend and I did 'our' Valentines Day yesterday!
It was great, I loved it, everything was perfect!
 I surprised him with a picnic downtown, along the battery. I made him Red Velvet Cake, it was so cute, I got a blanket, plates, plastic forks and a knife, napkins, drinks, and of course the cake. I thought it was a great idea. (and if he didn't like, I still did). He surprised me with an adorable black and white picture of us kissing, taken by Amy, he even put it in a black frame. While we were getting ready to clean up, he walked behind me, and surprised me with the Owl Necklace I wanted from Etsy! I was in love, I can't believe he took the time to do it!
Our Sushi restaurant wasn't open, which was no biggie, so we went to The Saki House, and got sushi there. It was a little more pricey, but the sushi was gorgeous! -and they have tasty Miso Soup, yum!
After dinner, we went back to my house, I walked in my room, and next to my bed, on the table, was the Rose Bush I have been wanting, with a card next to it! It was so sweet!
It was a perfect Valentines Day! I'm just grateful to finally have a Valentine of my own
>>>>>>>>>>>>>   <<<<<<<<<<<<<

How was your Valentines Day?
Tell me all about it!


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

That sounds like a great date night you two had :) Love that necklace!

Amy said...

Y'all make me warm and fuzzy! I'm so glad that you had a wonderful valentine's day! You deserve a good man to treat you right!

Jess said...

Happy Valentines Day! Did you also get to keep that adorable puppy for Valentines? hehe!

Vintage Home said...

...sweet boy!