Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Don't blink, life goes faster then you think..."-Kenny Chesney

This is an update from Saturday, I don't know why blogger made this today's blog post, when it's not supposed to be todays, this is supposed to be last Saturdays! -Grr.

Tomorrow is my brother's 16th Birthday!
But tonight a few of his friends, and I, threw him a surprise party!
It was great, he was totally shocked!
We told everyone to get to the house around 7:30 pm... well my brother didn't get him until like 9-9:30 ish, we waited for a while, with a melting ice cream cake! But when he finally did walk in, I told him to sit down around the kitchen table, (the room had streamers and balloons it it, so I had to make up something), so I was like "is it okay if we just celebrate your birthday tonight instead of tomorrow", he said.. "yeah.. sure..", then I yelled out, "bring out the cake".. and people came out singing happy birthday and spraying him with silly string! He was totally shocked! He said he knew something was up cause his girlfriend kept calling him, asking where he was and stuff. But he had no idea that all these people were going to be there.
Of course everyone ate pizza, and just had a great time.
I can't believe he is 16!
He's getting so big! I wish he was still my little 5 year old brother, playing with cars, or playing with bugs outside in his G.I. Joe outfits.. now he is a fishing pro, all grown up looking, wanting the big Ford Diesel Truck so he can go mudding, and pick up his girlfriend, hanging out with all his buddies, going to parties.. at least he's a good kid. That's all the matters. I'm sl glad he's my little brother, he's my best friend! And I love him soo much! :)
Here are some of the pictures!

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Jess said...

Haha how fun! How the Ice-cream cake was still tasty!!!