Monday, March 14, 2011

The Bachelor Finale, wooo!

Hello Bachelor Fans!
So as you all know, tonight is the Bachelor Finale, it is time for Brad to choose his woman, will he go with big boobs, or the sweet southern girl in the world?
It's Emily, Yes, I'm soo glad he chose Emily! She is such a sweet, kind, gorgeous girl, and she needed this, if he didn't propose to her, I would have been highly upset! - She has had a hard time, and I think her finding someone to love/someone to love her, is what she needs, especially with her having such a little girl, she needs the love, and she sure does have a lot to give!
On the other hand, I feel so baddddd for Chantel.. that was so sad to watch him say what he did to her, that was definitely a stab in the heart! But that's love..
She will find someone to love her, she's a great girl!
 I wish for the best for both of the girls!

Who did you want him to choose?

Ok, UPDATE: Is it me, or was the after show awkward with Emily? If you are afraid to fall in love, with a man that is deeply in love with you, then why did you sign up?! LIKE REALLY...
She was acting soo weird on the after show, and I can tell that Brad was really nervous, I feel kinda bad, he fell in love with someone who we all thought was the sweetest girl in the world, and she doesn't even want to marry him.. ugh.. and Brad has a TEMPER! What the hell.. lol, these two just don't work, bring back Ashley H.! She was soo adorable.
 Oh Chantel, at least you found somone.. hopefully.


Natalie said...

I was so happy for Emily too!

But, Chantel was so broken hearted! I hated seeing that, but I guess she has a new guy. :) So that is awesome!

Amy said...

This is why you had to go home so early! Ahahaha! Ohhhhhhh KB!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

gosh, I wish I could delve into this but I don't watch the show! I could have guessed she was going to win though... log into facebook and this is what all the statuses are about!


Hello Kristen, I'm yet to see a relationship from this show that really works. I guess Krista and her fireman are still holding the torch after just having a baby.

Missed you hun, just had to stop by and say Hi.

Lisa @ Lesapea xx

Tucker said...

I am so team emily but couldn't even watch the after the rose b/c it was so awkward! i cringe at that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

she's is a pretty girl! I hate when women act like that, then girls like us have to make-up for other people's actions

beau&lindee said...

new follower:) i totally agree i thought the after the final rose was superrr awkward! hopefully things work out for them. im excited for ashley as the new bachelorette!