Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I did it! I did it! I finally did it!

The pink bag says it all :)
After 21 years, I finally got my ears pierced! I can't believe it! Yesterday, my mum wanted to take a ride to Bluffton, to Tanger Outlets, well I went into Banana Republic, fell in love with multiple skirts, and tops.. looked around, and realized all the lovely younger women were dressed so well! They were all perfectly tanned, gorgeous hair, great clothes..blah blah blah. I looked in the mirror, EWW.. me: no make-up, hadn't taken a shower that day, (we went right after I got back from work..), and I was wearing plain white shorts, and a long sleeve Clemson t-shirt. Wow, I looked like I just got pulled out of a drain...

So there I was, not wanting to shop, cause I looked hideous. I told my mum, she laughed, said 'everyone is on spring break..', well as we walked past Claires, I said, 'we should go get my ears pierced, let's get it over with'. My mum, looked at me, and laughed, then she said 'really?' Then before I could say anything she said, 'yup, we're going go to get them pierced'. So I go in there, thankfully the woman was coming to her third year of piercing ears, good thing! Right when I agreed to do it, (to make my day worse), she said she needed to see my mum's ID! ..Ugh hello, I'm 21, thanksss. So there I was sitting in the hot seat, squeezing a teddy bear, she said I looked like I was about to cry.. no, I just looked bad, it what I wanted to tell her. But less then five mins, I had my ears pierced! It didn't even hurt! I was soo proud of myself, I finally did it!
But on a lighter note, i'll finally be wearing gorgeous earings, and stealing my mum's Tracy Porter earings!

All these gorgeous earings are from Tracy Porter!


Jess said...

Look at all these gorgeous earrings you get to wear! Hooray! Haha love your "look" :)

Jess said...

whoo-hoo! I'm so0o0o0o glad you finally got them done! hello cute earrings for summer!

ps. I think you look great all the time! ...stop comparing yourself to others, it'll get you nowhere but down!

love you!

vojacque said...

wahooooo! your mum must've been also so proud! she was waiting for the moment! haha. :) lovely earrings.

2 Mates and a Blog said...

ahhh well done!


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