Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gas is INSANE!

Please join it on Facebook, and if you don't have a Face Book,
 that's fine, just don't go to any gas stations on Thursday!

Facebook has done some pretty amazing things. Anything from reuniting lost loves and old friends to creating a revolution in oppressed countries. I want to see if we can organize an event to reach as many people as possible to have a day designated to boycott all gas stations across the planet.
I know this has been tried before, but not since Facebook has become the phenomenon that it has. So, send this event to everyone on your friends list, and let's see if we can start our own revolution, by letting these oil companies know we aren't going to stand for these prices!
Simply avoid all gas stations on March 31, 2011. And if you can go one step further, don't even drive that day. Why not let Facebook help us spread the word? However, don't forget your local mom and pop shop. Go IN and buy something that day. Make a point of it!We're mad as hell, and are tired of watching the big oil companies laugh all the way to the bank while we all suffer. Let's do this!

Side note:
And since there seems to be so much confusion about what we are trying to do here, let me clarify now. This is NOT about thinking we are going to send gas prices plummeting downward because of this one day. This is about taking a stand, together, against greedy people whose commodity happens to affect ALL OTHER commodity's prices. What other commodity does that? Let's be the nation of innovators that we are and come up with something better!


Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I don't drive to work but my husband filled up the other day and it was over $50! Yikes!!

Jess said...

I agree, it's getting out of control. It really makes me wish I lived somewhere where I didn't even have to depend on a car. Unfortunately in Houston, it's just not feasible. Even if it's due to greediness, or just the fact that we are running low on supplies...

Brunch at Saks said...

Gas is out of control! I'll definitely avoid the pumps on Thursday - thanks for the heads up! Hugs xx