Thursday, March 24, 2011

I want to say seven things about myself, thank you..

Thank you The Rich Life (on a budget)  for giving my the Stylish Blogger Award!

Now I must write down seven things that you all might not know about me!
1. I just recently got my ears pierced, I have never ever gotten them pierced, and it has taken me 21 years to do so! I always liked being the only girl without earrings, but as I started growing up, and seeing pretty girls with gorgeous hanging earrings, I started to think.. 'I would look soo much better, if I had my ears pierced'. All it took was a bad day, and I was up for anything! - I went to Claire's in Tanger Outlets, squeezed a Teddy Bear, and ta da, had pierced ears less then 10 mins. Now I'm being bad, and wearing my mum's Tracy Porter earrings!

2. As I started doing more and more photography, I have lately not wanted any pictures taken of me.. I think it goes back to photographers, you usually never see pictures of them, unless it's them working. I love being in pictures with my friends, but I wish I was the person taking them. (Can I have a clone of myself, please). My job is to make people look good, and I wish people would do the same when taking pictures of me. I hate when people post horrible pictures of me, I make you look good, can't you do that for me? That's why I will stick to taking the pictures, and I'll stay out of them. . unless my little brother is taking them, he has a really good eye. It must run in the family!

3. I have an addiction to Frozen Chocolate Bananas! At Publix, (a grocery store that we have in the south), they have these tasty little Chocolate covered Banana's in the frozen isle. Well, when my mum and I first got a box, we devoured the whole thing before we got home! Ever since, we wait for those babies to get on sale, (buy one, get one free). Well, you know what, last week they were on sale, and yesterday was the last day for the sale, so we drove 30 mins away, and got over 10 boxes of Chocolate Bananas! Can you say yummmmm!

4. The one thing I'm deathly afraid of is one of the smallest things in the world, but yet one of the most deadliest! The Brown Recluse Spider. In the south, we have spiders, and a lot of them. Usually they are your common house spider, which I have grown to like, they stay in their little webs at the back door, and eat all the bugs.. but once in awhile, you will see a Brown Recluse. They just look creeeeeepy! Well last night, while I was putting my hand lotion and nightly gloves on, I saw something run from my trash can, it was a Brown Recluse! I screamed for my brother to come, of course the spider ran under my bed, and it was like we were playing hide-n-go-seek with this spider, my brother wanted to kill it, but me being the sweet person that I am, said 'NO, we must save it'! And we did :) But I am still scared of them.. I couldn't sleep last night, that's for sure. But at least I have good karma coming my way!

5. I can only live by water, that might not be a good thing in the near future, when it starts to flood, or disasters take place, but I have to! When I go in the country, I love it, but I start to get weirded out.. like, where's the water! I live right next to a river, and I live on an island, we are surrounded by salt water, and marsh. I just love it! We have a saying, 'I've the got the saltwater in my veins', and I sure do! In the future, when I find my rich husband (joke), I am going to live on the river, and have a pool, or at least a community pool. Some people think I'm part fish, just because I talk about it so much...

6. I have 2 really bad scars on each of my legs: both from stupid things. On my left leg I have a scar from a muffler burn, I was sitting outside of the YMCA with my girl friend, when this cute guy pulls up in a Volkswagen Beetle (vintage style), well when he got out of his car, my friend wanted to go talk to him, so we did. As we were standing there, the guy nudged me, and said 'stop being so quiet', well all of a sudden I smelt something burning, and sizzling, it was my leg being burned by his damn muffler! I looked down, and saw the skin.. yeah, I'll stop. Let's just say, it left a verrrrry bad scar! My second one happened down the street from my house, I was seeing a guy friend, and I was letting my dog, and his dogs play in the river. There we were standing on the floating dock, when all of a sudden we saw a gator slide down the pluff mud on the bank! He said 'go get our dogs' and pushed me in! Of course it was low tide, and I hit oysters.. what a great idea with a Gator in the water, our dogs swimming, and me now bleeding! Luckily the Gator was just swimming to a sandbar, but still.. it was scary, and I had to walk home bleeding! Oh and let me not forget, my mum told me not to go down there that day!

7. If I could wear anything, other then a bathing suit, it would be white shorts. I don't know what your 'signature piece of clothing' is, but mine is white shorts. I own over 5 pairs, I used to only one 2, and it killed me cause they were always being washed. But now, I have enough. I love them cause they can be casual, beachy, preppy, and even dressy. And you can wear any kind of top with them! I went from wearing a tank top, white shorts, sandals by day, to a long sleeve linen shirt, white shorts, and wedges by night. What is your favorite piece of clothing?

and now I'm done writing 7 things about myself!
 Now for you girls, I choose:

Have fun with your awards ladies!


Cat said... just got your ears know, that is kind of exciting. :) It was super fun to read these morsals about you!

Jess said...

Whoo Hoo! Thanks for talking about me! :) I wish I lived closer to the water... we just have stinky Galveston and it does NOT count as the beach!

PS I have totally been to a Publix! I think they have them in Florida!

Kristen said...

I love those Chocolate Bananas at Publix.
Thanks for thinking of me! I'm excited to give it a whirl!

Natalie said...

Aww thanks, girl!! I'm so honored you thought of me. :) I will come up with my list shortly!

Also, I think it's exciting you got your ears pierced! I love wearing ear rings!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

oh how fun you just got them pierced, you must be so excited! Awesome. Love your scar stories

Adrienne said...

Thanks for doing your 7 things.
You reminded me that I have muffler burns on both my calves from an old boyfriend's motorcycle in college. Very painful!

And you have a right to be scared of those nasty brown recluse spiders. They can do some serious harm!

Have a wonderful Friday!

Anonymous said...

I'm working on doing my 7 things....just for you! :)