Monday, March 21, 2011

I've got the beer, if you've got the boat!

What's better then spending the weekend on the sandbar...
It was my first weekend on the sandbar, and yes, i'm already addicted!
But don't think it was all perfect, ha ha.. oh boy, well you see, Jessica and myself were really excited about going on the river on Saturday, we met Wes, at the landing, and the boat was in the water, everything looked good, we loaded everything in, and when he went to crank it, it wouldn't start, well.. finally it did start, but it wouldn't go into the next gear, when it finally did, we pushed off the landing, well ... it turned off, there we were drifting into pluff mud. Thankfully, a nice older man and his wife, pulled us back to the landing. Wes called his friends to come look at the boat, so they came, looked at it, there was nothing they could do so they left, 'thanks for inviting us to come with you guys.. ' Jess and I said. Well Wes got annoyed, jumped in the river, and when he came back on the boat, he was like where are my glasses?.. yup he jumped in with them onwarning: Oakleys do not float! So we loaded it back up on the trailor, and just headed seperate ways. Well Wes called and asked if we wanted to meet downtown, and get picked up by those guys that came to look at it. We had nothing else to do, so why not! We met downtown, went over to the sandbar and ended up having a great time! We took pictures, had a few drinks, tanned, and even got thrown in the cold water!
 Later on that night we went out to eat at Upper Crust, and guess what, Wes put on my glasses, and they broke! So both of our glasses are broken.. oh well, atleast we all ended up having fun!
 I can't wait for next weekend, we are all going tubing! Yes, the water is cold, but hey.. 'drink a few beers and you wont even notice it's cold'.
Jess and I.

Jess, Wes, and I.

We are models by what Jess says.

On two jump, i'll click at three!

Pretty small crowd, which is always a good thing.
Tyler, Ryan, Wes, Me, Jess, and Chase.
What did you do this weekend?


Anonymous said...

we did have a great day! I'm glad we can laugh at the minor bumps in our days! love ya!

Jess said...

Love days spent on the water like this!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

What a great day! Nothing better than sun and the water!