Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I was born & raised in the boondocks-Little Big Town

 You just have to love fresh vegetables from your local Farmer's Market.
That's all that was in this soup:
Yellow Squash,
Okay and maybe I threw in some Chick Peas (that were canned).
And all I added for seasoning was:
 a vegetable cube,
and a little Garlic Powder.
Mmmmhmm! Truthfully it didn't even need any seasonings, it was so rich in flavor just from all the veggies!
Oh and a reminder: sautee' your onions for a few minutes, to give it extra flavor!


Collins said...

that looks delicious!

Ashley Sloan said...

Um that looks amazing! You are great at photography too! I need to visit a farmer's market sometime soon. Always have the best produce! :) And definitely try the red velvet pancakes...they are amazing! You won't be disappointed! And I'm having a giveaway on my blog...take a look! Maybe you can win! :)

Patricia said...

omg that looks amazing!!! if you want to fedex some im all for it :p yum