Saturday, July 9, 2011

Yeah, she might be cute...

Bloggers, meet Lola, she belongs to my best guy friend, Kyle. I have had to watch her for the past week, and let's just say, I'm so glad I don't have a puppy! I never realized how much they have to be played with, walked, fed, they whine, and they hate being locked up in kennels... oh and let's not forget her GAS! She's a great puppy, but she's a Border Collie, so she is very hyper! Even right now, my dog is lying on the floor exhausted, and she is rolling all over him trying to get him to play with her.. I can't wait for her daddy to come get her tomorrow!
And I am so grateful to have such a well behaved dog-

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Collins said...

Aww...she's precious! And yes, puppies may be cute but they are a pain in the ass! I work at an animal shelter so I'm well aware of the whining and barking. I'm pretty fond of my adult dog. :)