Monday, July 11, 2011

Days like these...

Let's go for a swim...
There's nothing better then spending your day at the pool with your brother, okay let's make that brothers, (Anton is like family).
I just love playing in the pool!
Hi, I'm Kristen, a wanna be mermaid.

My silly brother, Nick.

Trying to tackle Anton underwater.

Anton and myself.

"Just be cute Kristen"!

I love these guys ♥

Gator and myself.

... I have nothing to say about this one.

Showing off those guns.

He's a Merrrrrman!


Rach said...

I love the first photo of you!

Collins said...

You guys are precious and I agree...the fist pic is adorable!

Courtney B said...

What a perfect day!! And I loooove the color of your swim suit! Looks so good on you!