Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dogs deserve better

     Is your dog as picky as mine? Well if so, try Authority Dog Food. The first three ingredients are actually meat! Unlike Alpo, Iams, or Pedigree. My dog is very picky, he might eat one can of Pedigree dog food, but try giving him a second can, and he walks away; which tells me, he isn't liking his dog food.. Well the other day Pet Smart was having a sale on Authority canned dog food, I got a couple of cans just to try it out. Lately I have been feeding him Paul Newman's Organic Dog Food, which he loves, but can get a little pricey! So when I got home, I gave him a can, I could tell when I was scooping it out, it was more pasty like Paul Newman's dog food, it seemed much more meaty, too! Max (my dog), loved it! I gave him another can the next day, and he actually ate it. Well last night I went back to Pets Smart, and got some more cans, they are on sale for 70 cents! Can't beat that! I walked on over to the kitty section and saw they sold cat products as well. My Siamese is very picky, and her stomach is sensitive. So I picked up a dry bag of kitty food, (for sensitive tummy's), and I had a coupon which if you purchased a bag of dry food, you got two free cans of cat food. When I got home, I tried out the hard food. Usually when we give her certain types of food, she walks away.. such as Purina, or Whiska's. Surprisingly, she ate most of the hard food! I am very pleased with this product. It might not be all organic, and might not have all the best ingredients, but at least the first few ingredients actually have meat! If your animal is just as picky, do run to your Pet Smart and give Authority a try!

Do you recommend I try any other brands? As long as they aren't over $2 a can, I can try it! 

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ty said...

See, I've noticed Louie getting more picky with his dog food too! I'm not sure what to try .. may have to try some of this!