Monday, September 19, 2011

It's time to bring out the little creatures...

That's right; it's time for all the spooky little creatures to come out and do their thing!
Last year, my mum and I got some pretty fun Halloween clearance stuff. You can never have too much Halloween decorations! So when we started unpacking everything today, there was a lot of 'new' fun stuff that we forgot about. -It's kinda like Christmas or something..
There is so much to do, so many new spooky little creatures to find homes for, and so little time!
Did I mention we are watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, that's what gets us in the mood for decorating!
Sorry for the messy pictures, I just wanted to show you how much of a mess the house is! Eeeeek-
Well I must get back, I will post pictures of everything once all the creatures are in their place.
I hope everyone else in enjoying their Monday!


Anonymous said...

How fun!! Now I'm in the mood to decorate for Halloween =) Xoxoxo ~Ashley

Sara Szatmary said...

Great decorating darling!

yiqin; said...

so fun :)