Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DIY: Vases & Christmas Ornaments

Hello my beautiful bloggers-
 I have this vase, which holds Lavendar in the bottom of the vase, & a candle in the center.
It was nice; ten years ago...
But now it's time to change that vase up!
So I found some silver vintage Christmas ornaments,
 along with these other silver sparkly ornaments.
I set those in the bottom of the vase.
Then I took the the purple candle out, (which smelt like spring),
and added a simple white one,
 which smells like Peppermint. --- A little more appropriate for the holidays!
And Ta Da!
It looks so much better with vintage bulbs!

 Sooo what do you have planned on this Tuesday?
Me; Well I will be getting down Christmas stuff from the attic! - It's a bit chilly out, so why not start a fire, play some Christmas music, and get to decorating!
I hope you all have a great Tuesday!


Christina Marie said...

I got the Christmas tree up on Sunday and it's just been an entirely new feeling in the house just having it up... so festive!
I also filled up a vase with ornaments... such a quick, easy decor idea that brightens up my dining table:)
Thanks so much for stopping by doll <3

Erin said...

Love this. Such a quick and simple change! :)