Monday, November 28, 2011

My Secret Dealer

Nothing beats fresh,
I'm talking about fresh veggies of course!
I always purchase Kale, Collards, Turnips, etc. from an older man down the street who sells his stuff on the side of the road Thursday-Saturday. I know he doesn't grow it himself, but his produce usually looks good, and you can't beat his prices...
...until, last Saturday, on the way to the grocery store, my mum and I passed a blue pickup truck on the side of the road, the man was selling the most beautiful produce I think i've ever seen!
I told my mum to turn around, so we did.
 When we pulled up, the man was in his truck smoking (I think he was smoking the good stuff if you know what I mean). I told my mum he was Jaimiacan! -I called it!
The man stepped out of his truck, he was wearing nice clothes, and one of those big Jaimican hats. He seemed so intelligent, he knew a lot about his vegetables!
 We found out he grew everything he was selling, from the Greens to the Sugar Cane! And man was it gorgeous!
We got pretty much every green except for the Mustard and the Turnips.
Each head was only $2.50! You can't beat it!
You wont even pay for that at the Grocery Store.
The man said he's there every Saturday selling his produce; I think we found ourselves a new dealer!


Sara Szatmary said...

mm I love farm-grown food. It feels so authentic no?

Alexa said...

YUM. Fresh veggies are the absolute best!

Collette Osuna said...

i really love these photos:)
Im a vegetarian....I live on I can very much appreciate fresh ones:)

Happy Tuesday!

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Meagan said...

Beautiful photos! I love being able to buy fresh, locally grown vegetables!

Mary Loyal said...

those look amazing! where did you find that man?? i want to go tomorrow!