Friday, December 16, 2011

Chillin' on some dirt roads...

I had a call at ten this morning, it was Adam asking if I would come help out at a Skeet Shoot. I had lots of presents to wrap, and get out in the mail by today, so I told him I couldn't go to the Skeet Shoot, but thankfully my mum said she would wrap them and get them out in time.
Charlie (who I consider to be a brother), picked me up at my house, and we headed for the skeet shoot. I'm not going to lie, I was kinda nervous. There were supposed to be lots and lots of 'men' and I was going to be pretty much the only girl helping out at the Shoot. Luckily when we arrived, I saw a few more women! And yes, there were lots and lots of 'men'. But they were all great guys!
Adam also called one of his girl friends to come help out, her name is Samantha, she was really fun, and we had a lot in common, which is always a plus, and the girl knew how to shoot some skeet!
Our job was to keep track of all the wavers being signed, and we got to go up on the tower and have some fun with the skeet (let me just say, loading three machines hurts after an hour!)
During this time, they also had food, I didn't eat.. but man did it look good! They had pork (which I don't eat), Macaroni and Cheese, Green Beans, Biscuits.. mmmm, good ol' Southern Food!
After the shoot was pretty much over with, everyone helped pick up shot gun shells, and cleaned up a little. A lot people left, which meant we could have fun! So a few of us hopped in Sam's truck, and we went on some back roads, through the woods, just having fun.
When we got back we all sat around the fire, played a little Trivia to try to win some Gift Certificates to Bay Street Outfitters. Then Sam and I went and stole someones Golf Cart, and ran around in it.. kinda crashed it into a dirt hill... yeaaaah, we're crazy!
 It was a really fun day! Thank you Addie for inviting me out there, and showing me a fantastic time and also introducing me to some really great people!

Sorry for the pictures, I was kinda busy, so I couldn't take as many good ones as I wanted!


Happy Wife said...

SO fun! Looks like your day turned into something totally unexpected!
Sometimes those are the best :)
Happy Monday!

Sara Szatmary said...

Guns scare the eff out of me. BUT I love that you're outside and enjoying living. Isn't that the whole point?

Mo Pie, Please said...

Well this looks like fun!