Monday, December 19, 2011

Let's donate some goodies!

I love donating to different organizations,
 but the one that I think needs the most donations is the Animal Shelter, actually any SPCA, here or where you live. I know that they go through a lot of supplies whether it's food, toys, blankets, medical stuff, etc. At my Animal Shelter, a lot of people that work there are just volunteers. (Which I have always wanted to help out with, but I know I would want to adopt every animal there). They are such sweet, caring, kind hearted people, and I am so thankful that they help out with animals. These poor animals have no homes as of right now, so if you can't adopt a cute pup or kitty, then atleast donate.
I donated a doggy bed the other day, along with some blankets here and there.
But for Christmas I bought a few cans of dog and cat food, and some treats. I would also like to buy some toys! -Animals love toys, anywhere from tennis balls, to hanging feathers!
It always feels so good to give!

Have you donated anything during this holiday season?

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Michelle P said...

So nice of you! I actually just signed up to volunteer at an animal shelter, training starts in January!

Tricia said...

You're so sweet! I feel the same as you, if I worked at the animal shelter I'd want to bring all the cute little critters home with me :)

fearless said...

At my local Panera Bread they had a Christmas Angel tree. The tags were for children who have cancer. I chose a 13 year old who wanted makeup! It felt really great to pick out some fun and funky eyeshadow and lipglosses :)

I love my local animal shelter. When my 10 year old Chow mix passed, I donated all of her things like leash, collar, left over dog food. And then a few months later we adopted a mini daschaund! :)