Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Good Morning Mean Green

This is what I'm having on this lovely morning.. (Looks really tasty doesn't it...)
It's called The Mean Green, sounds ferocious doesn't it?
Okay okay, I lied, I'm not really having the legit 'Mean Green', but I'm having another version of it..
I consider the drink I'm slurping on right now, to be The Sweet Green..

Okay people get your Juicers out, the 'Sweet Green' consist of:
1 Green Apple,
1 Banana,
1 Tomato,
1 Pear,
And some Pomegranate Juice.

Throw in a little ice if you'd like, and you have yourself a smoothie!
(and if your saying 'ugh, eww' to the Tomato, you don't even taste it).
So give it a try!

Now for the actual 'Mean Green' your going to need a little more balls for this one!
Okay people get your Juicers out, the 'Mean Green' consist of:
6 Kale Leaves,
1 Cucumber,
4 Celery Stalks,
2 Green Apples,
1/2 Lemon,
and 1 piece of ginger.

This is what my mum drinks every morning, and watching her face is pretty funny, she always says "mmm, taste really good", (but yet she's making that awful face while she's drinking the first few sips, the kinda awful face when you smell something raunchy in the air..).

Now Remember, you can add whatever ingredients you want, sometimes you have to add stuff just so you can acquire the taste. Not all green drinks are bad tasting, I just prefer mine to be a little more sweet, but like I said, if you have balls, then go for the actual 'Mean Green'. It's unbelievably healthy for you!
Did I mention my mum only sipped on The Mean Green for five days, and lost Six Pounds!!!


Michelle P said...

I'll have to try this!

Hazel Schreiner said...

This looks interesting! I wonder if it tastes anything like Spiralena juice (not sure how to spell that!) it looks like Shrek milk too, but it is oh so yummy!

:) Hazel

Haley K said...

from what your mum ordered at the restaurant on the road trip (very healthy:) it doesn't surprise me that she drinks the mean green every morning! :) I need to get more good produce in me during the winter...thanks for the drink recipes! :)