Thursday, December 29, 2011

Take me to Fernandina

I love road trips as you all know.
On yesterday's day trip, we (my family and myself), drove three hours away to Fernandina Beach, Florida. On the way we stopped at a Farmer's Marker in Yulee, grabbed some Green Boiled Peanuts. We drove through downtown Fernandina, which is always so pleasant to drive through, there are so many cute shops and they are always decorated so nicely! We stopped at the Marina, and took pictures of the Shrimp Boats. Then it was off to the beach. It was too cold to get out, so we just ventured down A1A; which drives along the beach, then hopped on a Ferry (which crossed the St. John's River) the ferry was only $5, it was soo worth it! After taking a million pictures on the ferry, it was time to grab some dinner. We went to Singleton's. As we walked in the restaurant, that was pretty much a shack, we noticed it was going to be awhile before we sat down! ---It was soo packed! When we finally sat down, it took twenty minutes to get our drinks, and nearly forty minutes to get our food. Let's not forget, the waitress was utterly rude to my dad, and got out order completely wrong! The food wasn't bad, I ordered Clam Chowder (Best in Jacksonville supposedly), and a Mahi Sandwich, my dad got the same thing as me along with some Hush Puppies, my brother ordered the Crab Burger and Conch Fritter's (which he never got, cause our waitress was a bit retarded), and my mum ordered a Salad, Turnips Greens, Black Beans and Rice.
After that it was time to head back home, it was a long three hour drive back,
but it was definitely worth it!


Michelle P said...

Great pictures!

Haley K said...

What a lovely road trip! You captured such gorgeous photos...that sunset is STUNNING :) That's no good your waitress made your eating experience a drag...but the food looks delish! :)


PS - i love ferries :)

PPS - loved your comment on my post today! my little guy loves putting on his daddy's and my shoes too ;) I can just imagine how giddy he'd be if I let him tromp around in them in the nude! heehee :)

Kendra said...

How charming is that little town?! I'd love to visit there. Happy new year! Hope 2012 brings joy your way!