Monday, January 2, 2012


The Bachelor is the only show, other then the show Revenge, that I look forward to watching, especially this year cause Ben is back! He is such a sweet, kind, smart, intelligent, sexy, adorable, funny, charming man, can you tell I have a little crush? He isn't your 'typical' Bachelor, he's definitely not stuck on himself, nor cocky like the previous Bachelors, which is a huge plus! I know this show is like a game, but I really hope he does find a special someone... I do think he is looking in the wrong place, his girl is in South Carolina, and did I mention, it's me? Just kidding!
Okay, now for all the girls.. ugh I was wondering, is this season called the 'crying season'? It seems like in the preview of this years Bachelor, all the girls are crying.. please no. That's not fun to listen to nor watch! I did like Lindzi, which was the girl that came riding up on a horse. I thought it was creative, different, cute, and it definitely worked, cause she got the first impression Rose! So far, I like her! Don't let me down girl, I'm rootin' for ya!

Did you watch the show? If so, who did you like?

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Steph said...

I'm on the west coast, and I work til 11pm but I'll be rushing home to watch it tonight! Can't wait!

Kendall said...

I've never watched it!! Crazy right? Maybe this will be the season I get into. :)

Erin said... love The Bachelor AND Revenge...we are like TV soulmates! :) I still need to watch tonight's episode!

Amanda said...

Totally not in love with any of the girls this season. Like none... But I'm going to end up watching anyways!

Mel said...

I refused to watch it last night. But as happens every season, I keep reading about it and there will be nothing else on and I know I'll give in! Ha.

Ashley said...

Hey Kristen, what a great blog you have here. Loved reading theough several of your posts and when I got to this one I knew we had something in common. The bachelor is so addicting. What kind of camera do you use to take pics? They are unbelievable.