Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve in the South

My town just celebrated it's 300th Birthday!
 If there is one good thing about this town it's celebrating with music, food, beer, wine, festivites, fireworks, and the best of all, great people! I met a few friends down there, listened to some music, and watched the fireworks. As soon as the sun set, the fireworks went off, and they were beautiful! They kept going on and on, which gave my the perfect oppurtunity to snap away! (I did have to help out a new photographer to my left, who just bought a Nikon earlier in the day, and did not know anything about her camera). There was also a professional photographer for our Newspaper on my right, tripod -n- all. When I lifted myself off the ground- after taking pictures, I had been flipping through my camera, and I guess she had been snooping at my work behind my back. She told me I had taken much better pictures then her, (but yet, she had a tripod and a remote timer for her camera, I was thinking in my head, how could I have taken much better pictures then her?)... "Thank you", I replied. She asked me to upload some of my work onto her site, with my name on the pictures, "ugh yeah, of course I will"! So that kinda made my night! I'm hoping this year, I will get to sell my work, or maybe work for a local paper, or magazine, fingers crossed!
It was a great night downtown, I was so happy to see my friends, and most of all see the beautiful fireworks!
Happy 300th Beaufort!

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Anna Walker said...

Oh my gosh! 300 years is a long time! Congrats Beaufort! Also those firework pictures are so so so gorgeous! Looks like you had a great time!

Hope you have an amazing 2012!