Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's worth it, trust me.

Why hello Vitamix...

The other day, my mum and I were in Charleston, shopping at our favorite Whole Foods. As we were shopping, we passed this guy demonstrating The Vitamix. "There it is, the Vitamix I have been wanting", my mum said. I really didn't care about the machine, I more so, cared about looking for Dried Pineapple that was right next to the machine. After we shopped, we grabbed some Pizza (Whole Foods always has the best Pizza). But this time, it was just gooey, and ewwy! The dough wasn't cooked in the middle, and it made my mum and I sick.. so we went to return it. When we got our money back, we decided to go splurge on some Sugar Cane Cherry Cream Soda, but we splurged on a little more then that! As we were walking to the soda isle, we passed the Vitamix again. We walked over to the table, and looked at it, and looked at the brochure. This guy, named David, walked up and said he was about to make a few things with the machine.

1.Smoothie (delicious).
2. Ice Cream ( which included Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Avocado... crazy, huh? But soo good!)
3. His version of the Green Juice (minus the Grapes, that he no longer had).
4. Soup! (Yes, he made soup out of the Vitamix!)

This guy had my mum at hello pretty much. He was charming, and he was an unbelievable cook! The Vitamix was starting out at $450, but the stainless steel was $500. As we were watching him work his magic, a woman came over and grabbed the last black one. So my mum was left with Stainless, or Red. She went with the Stainless of course. It might have been pricey, but it was definitely worth it! It also came with an extra year warranty, instead of seven, she gets eight years. The next day, she tried it out, and I could hear here in the kitchen "there is no comparison", "good-bye juicer and blender", "muhahaha".. okay, she didn't do the whole "muhahaha" thing..but still, she was so happy! And that my friends means, the Vitamix was definitely worth every penny! (And she will probably have it for the rest of her life)!


Tricia said...

I got a Vitamix about a year and half ago and I LOVE it! I use mine all the time for smoothies. I think it's so weird how you can make soup in it too :)

Dree said...

I have always wanted a Vitamix! That's great that you can experiment with all sorts of food with it!

natasha {schue love} said...

I mean, I need to check this baby out! Amazing all the things you can create! :)