Wednesday, January 4, 2012


This is by far the juiciest show on television, every episode just leaves me wanting more!
....why couldn't it be two hours long?
PS. Thank you for taking that creepy, conniving, gay, Tyler, away! He just gets on my nerves, and he cut Nolan's arm! ...No one messes with Nolan! He's to cute, even if he is gay...

Did you like this Episode?
 Are you into this show as much as me?
 Are you glad Tyler is finally gone?

Kisses to all and goodnight!


Sara Szatmary said...

I love how passionate you get about TV shows!

I get like that with True Blood (although the show is starting to deviate from the books so much that most of my anger these days seems to be directed at the plot line...)

Mel said...

Waaa! I haven't seen it yet. It's waiting in the DVR. Can't wait!

Leesh said...

I haven't seen an episode of Revenge but I hear so many great things about it. My problem is that I have no idea when it is on.