Friday, March 16, 2012

Is that the Empire State Building I see? Hello New York!

Two weeks ago I said hello to my Great Grandma in New York..
 I can't tell you how amazing it feels driving into New York, and seeing the city from across the river! I loveee it! I can hear the Sex and the City song (the one Alicia Keys and Jay-Z sings) playing as I drive over the bridges.. hello New York!
My Great Grandma who is almost 102 years old, called my mum, and told her she wanted my mum and I to come up for a week to see her, and help her out around the house. So we left Saturday night, and arrived in NY Sunday morning. The drive went by fast, only twelve hours hyped up on Monster Energy Drinks, and lots of up-beat songs! When we arrived, we saw my Great Grandma, which is always a beautiful gift! We did get to spend lots of time with her, over a week and a half. The days were long, very long. There wasn't much to do, but talk. This was my chance to get to know my Grandma, so I asked her a lot of questions! I mean hello, she's almost 102! She's lived through a lot, I mean A LOT! I love hearing all her amazing stories. My mum and I did get away, and went shopping, went to Trader Joe's (our favorite place), went to this fun Ukrainian Deli, and bought Pierogies, and tasty noodles, which we made homemade Vegetable Soup with. Of course there are five pizza places around my Grandma's house, so we got pizza, and spaghetti! On our final days there, it started getting hard. I hate seeing people who used to be strong, no longer have the strength to do things.. My Grandma needs someone there with her, at least two times a day, help her cook, and get settled into bed. It's amazing that she is living in her house, especially at the age she is, and I'm so blessed to have her still in my life! I just wish she could do things on her own, it's hard to see that.. but like she says "what are you going to do?" .
That last day we were there, we said our goodbyes, thankfully there was no crying, last time I cried my eyes out, thinking it was going to be the last time I was going to see her. But I know, that I will see her at least one more time, that is for her 102 birthday, which is in May! She is such a beautiful, strong, caring, sweet, strong willed, woman! I just hope I get some of those great qualities as I grow.
It was such a gift to see her!
I love you Great Grandma     XoXo

Ohh, don't you love those New York moments


Sara Szatmary said...

seriously beautiful photos. The apartment ones took my breath away.

Jessica Wray said...

I love, love, love kitty in window pics! more than most things, actually


Bailey@Lost&Found said...

omg. pierogies. are. amazing. YUMMMM!