Monday, April 9, 2012


Happy Easter!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!
I spent my day getting an Easter basket (with lot's of tasty treats), dying, glittering, and painting eggs with my mum and my doggie Max, I ate tons of tasty food such as Potato Salad, Asparagus, Fresh String Beans with Portabella Mushrooms, we had some type of meat (but as you know I'm a vegetarian, so I just stuck with the tasty sides).
After eating all that food, I was in a food coma, literally! All I wanted to do was pass out!
But you know what I did instead of being lazy???
I went and worked out with my mum, a long two hour work out! Hey I had to work off all that Potato Salad!  
It was such a great holiday, not only was it beautiful here, but I got to spend it with people and animals I love!

How was your Easter?
What all did you do?
What all did you eat?


Stephanie @ henry happened said...

Wow, I love those eggs! We did some dying but couldn't get the cool color gradations that you did. I had no idea there was such an art to eggs!

Lauren Cooper said...

Those eggs are so cute!! And high fives to you for working out! Hello motivation! I probably would have passed out! :) love your blog.


Ben & Cassie said...

What a fun Easter, those eggs are seriously professional or something! Good for you, you 'll never regret a workout right? right? haha