Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Good Ol' Southern Plantation

It's time to head to Pick Pocket Plantation!
In the South we have a lot of Farmer's Markets, we have one on Tuesday at Pick Pocket Plantation, we have one downtown every Wednesday, Thursday it's at a park near downtown, Friday it's in this community called Habersham, (which has been in many magazines for their beautiful houses and Market Place). Then on Saturday's there's one in Port Royal, and another one on Pick Pocket Plantation. So thankfully we have a lot to choose from-
But as of right now, I'm loving Pick Pocket Plantation.
 It's a hidden treasure in the middle of a town!
 If it weren't for the "Farmer's Market signs", you would never know it even existed.
When you drive onto the Plantation, you have fields filled with beautiful Horses, and on the other side you have Pecan Trees all in rows. As you keep going you come up to three cottages, which at one time, were slave quarters. As you drive up to the house you see two Chicken Coops on one side, and Barns on the other. Then you have the big Historic Home. In front of the home, there is a field, and that's where they have the Farmer's Market set up. Everyone there is really nice! The owner of the Plantation sells homemade Ice Cream in his old fashion Ice Cream Maker, wearing his big straw hat. His Ice Cream is truly the best thing ever, it's so creamy, nothing like what you buy from the store! There are quite a few veggies to choose from, but it's still early in the year, when summer comes, there will be a bigger variety. My mum and I got Tomatoes, Green Onions, a really yellow type of Squash (that I've never seen nor had before), and some other veggies! After we left the Farmer's Market, I had to go take pictures of the beautiful Plantation. I spent quite awhile looking at all the sweet curious Chickens and Roosters, and watched the Horses eating their lunch. I really wish I grew up on a Plantation, it would be so fun! I would just walk around all day, enjoying the fields, and sitting under the Pecan Trees... oh a girl can dream!


Elisabeth said...

Wow amazing photos, I definately have a weak spot for food related photos, I can't get enough of them! More of this!

E from Helsinki

Romy van K. said...

That house is stunning!

xx Romy

Ben & Cassie said...

Your pictures are incredible. This place looks amazing, reminds me of sweet home alabama! Love this post, makes me want summer to come right now!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Beautiful! Am I totally odd that I have always wanted to go to a plantation like that?!

Caitlin C. said...

I LOVE these photographs... seriously, they're amazing. Happy Easter! :)

his little Lady said...

what GORGEOUS pictures! i am absolutely in love with that house!!!
xo TJ