Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break in Panama Beach

Spring Break 2012

I went on my Spring Break a few weeks ago to Panama Beach, FL.
 Three friends of mine, and myself, went.
It wasn't like MTV, but it was a great time!
 We were there for three days, we spent our days out on the beach, with a cold drink in our hand. At the pool, relaxing. Meeting people, most people were from Michigan, Ohio, or Tennessee. Our hotel, Seahaven, was like a college dorm, It was fun while it lasted, but next time I'm staying at the Hilton. (I can't take loud music playing until 6 a.m.! Thankfully our AC was really, really loud to block out some noise). We ate at some tasty places, hello Buffalo Shrimp, and Tuna Dip with chips. We went to Happy Hour two times in one day, our bartenders were quite amusing, I miss them. One of my friends and myself hitch hiked to the liquor store, oh yeah, did I mention we got picked up by guys on Mopeds.. that was a fun ten minute ride, it sucked that we had to walk all the way back carrying liquor though. We went to free bars, who would spend a $25 cover charge? The local free bars are way more fun then ones you have to 'pay for just to get into'. I got to dance with a really old guy, but damn did he have some good ol' country swinging moves! I got to shop like a tourist, but the only thing I bought was postcards, that's a lie, I bought my new bag down there. We went down there with tons of alcohol, and even bought some more, but the day we were leaving there seemed to be lots of alcohol that hadn't been touched.. I guess that's how you know we are getting older, we only have a few drinks, instead of the whole bottle! I got to wake up early and walk the beach alone, I sat in the sand and watched the surfers, then along came a storm, a very big storm, it was such a great time to take pictures! We sat in the back of a truck and rode the strip, turns out the guys driving were as old as my little brother! (There were tons of under age kids). But the best part of Panama was riding on a free bus and not going to any bars, instead we just hung out with the driver, we loved you Jarrod, thank you so much for making our night!
Being down there was such a fun time!
 I'm so glad I got to go with my girls!
I usually spend Spring Break relaxing, or working, so I needed to experience this, especially Panama Beach!

Farewell Panama,
 next time I come,
 it was be in the fall,
 when you aren't invested with youngsters, drunks, and loud people!


Sara Szatmary said...

the sky there is BEAUTIFUL!

Sienna said...

that looks so fun. i want the beach right now. bad!

Courtney B said...

Gorgeous pictures at the beach!! Ah, I need a beach vacation asap!
What a FUN spring break, girl.

Michelle P said...

Great pictures! Looks like fun.

Nora said...

looks like you had fab time. and the sky! so dramatic. great shots!

really love your blog. got a bnew follower here :)

Liesl said...

Now this looks like a FUN trip, and I'm loving that parrot! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog...glad you liked my rings, I think those were my favorite too! :) Lovely blog!

Tesa said...

nice pics :)

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

wow! Those storm clouds are just awesome! Great shots! And happy Spring Break, looks like you had a great time!


Donna said...

WOW! Your three-day stay there was full of unforgettable memories. Panama City Beach, Florida is really the best place to have fun in and do crazy things you'll never regret. I remember when I also spent my spring break there with my girlfriends. We went to free bars, too, danced all night, and enjoyed lying on the beach under the scorching heat of the sun, and with only our favorite cold drinks to quench our thirst. We stayed in a very comfortable and luxurious condo rental. After seeing your post, it tempted me to go back there again. I think I need a vacation now. Haha! :) #Donna Parsley