Friday, July 19, 2013

Hello State Park

As I was coming back home from the 100 Mile Yard Sale in Pennsylvania, which was such a waste of not only gas, but a waste of time... it was more like trash then treasure. I recommend you don't go, ever.
 Anyways, I was a little mad that I wasted all that time and money to drive two hours out of my way to go, so as I was coming home, I decided to make it up, and stop at this beautiful State Park. 
Bald Eagle State Park is such a pretty place, it's a huge lake, with tons of boat launches, a marina, a beach, a really nice nature inn that overlooks the lake, cabins, camping, hiking.. there is just so much to do there.
I sat back on a quiet dock, and just took it all in for a few hours, watching everyone fishing, canoeing, swimming..
Being in nature just makes everything better.

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