Saturday, October 26, 2013

Adoptable Kitty's

I spent my afternoon playing with kitty's at Blue Chip Farms, a non-kill animal shelter in Dallas, Pennsylvania.
 I'm going to guess there were about 200 cats and kittens.
They also have dogs and puppies, (they actually just had a few puppies brought in from Puerto Rico today).
All looking for that special someone to come adopt them..
As I was sitting down in the cat cottage, I couldn't help but take pictures of all the different personalities.
You have the ones eating all the food, then you have the lap cat, then there's the one pawing me to play, of course you have the big boy that weighs a good 20lbs, you have the kittens, kitty's outside on the porch enjoying the fall air, the curious ones, and then you have the ones that are passed out in their boxes sleeping their days away.
They are all so sweet.
 I wish I could adopt them all..
Here are a few sweet kitty's looking for a home. 

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