Friday, October 10, 2008

Good Morning!

.. It's pretty earrrrrly in the morning for me to be up, but I have a job.. and it sucks! I thought I would write something since I haven't in a couple of days. But I have been working A Lot ! Oh yay- But it's not really that bad, all I have to do is go under a house, I have to take grout out between tiles in the bathroom; while my hands & back ache.. I heard next week im going to be sealing duct work. I can't wait!! Other then working this week, nothing has happened. I am going to a dinner tonight for a friend's birthday, so that will be nice. Then I am coming home & sleeping!

This is the house on Bray's Island that I have been working at. It's huge! You can't really tell .. but it is. The house on the left , is a four bedroom guest house. In the main house there is only two bedrooms, and lots of sitting rooms. I don't care for it at all, it's way too big. I do like their 3-car garage, it has a cute bathroom, and a pretty nice size storage room.

Anyways, I must be running off to my lovely job! Here's a picture I took yesterday on the way home from work. It's off the Whale Branch River. :)

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