Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to all !!

Merry Christmassss !!

I was up wrapping gifts until four in the morning! I will never EVER do that again! All presents get done a week before Christmas! So I woke up around 12 in the afternoon.. instead of 8 in the morning like I used to. All the family was pretty much fatigued from the night before. But they did make breakfast for my friend Alex (who stayed the night) my brother, and I. After Alex left everyone slowly made their way in to the living room. My brother, Nick, was the first one to open up gifts. Then me, then my mom, and then.. my hungover father. Hah. I have to say.. for some reason this Christmas wasn't as great.. I haven't recieved my "big gift" yet. . but I did get some cute small gifts. From Santa I got, two puzzles, a Roll-O-Puzzle (to keep my puzzles in)
the Dvd Mamma Mia, Lemony Snicket's Dvd, the book "It's A Zoo Out There", A Lucky book, an Animal Portrait book, Canvas bags from Sundance (but im returning those), a Barnes and Noble canvas bag, Celulite cream (Yay!!), a bug catcher, marshmellow forks for bon-fires, penguin cooking bowls, two picture frames, .. and other small stuff. From Jake I got an Aeropostale teddy bear, Chocolater Tree chocolates, a Nike longsleeve running shirt, a flameless candle, and a card with a "sorry I couldn't be there".. message. From Aunt Renee' I got a Rachel Hale 101 Salivations book, and a $50.oo gift card to American Eagle! (Thank you soo much Aunt Renee'!!) From my cousin's Amy, Seanna, & Airiana I recieved a $25.00 gift card to Aeropostale'. From Aunt Debbie, Uncle Tim, and Brandon, I recieved.. a pink make-up bag, & make-up. From Uncle Robert a traveling bag, and a heart watch with matching bracelet. And Uncle Richie is getting the family ticket's to Universal Studios. (Thanks guys!)
Thank you all so much for the gifts. I can't wait for our next Christmas, which is January 6th!!

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