Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The story of Jake

Last night I went to go see Marley & Me , it was a really good movie. It's definitely a movie for dog owner's and dog lover's, like myself. The movie reminds me of my last dog, Jake. He was a rescued Border Collie. When we pulled up to the farm there were puppies everywhere in this mobile home! And then there were three older dogs outside in three kennels. I could choose between the the three. There were two boys and one girl. One of the boy dogs and the girl were skiddish . So we took Jake who was then named "George". Shiveeers.. I remember Jake like it was yesterday. . . He had pizza ears (raw and bloody looking), he was stingy looking with gnats flying all around him, and he smelt really bad! But he was cute.. in an odd way. While we were on the road, we stopped at a gas station. Jake sat right next to me, stared at me, and then started licking me! I was so disgusted! When we came home, the first thing we did was let him out of the van to explore his new home. Right when we were getting ready to give him a bath, he just took off running down the street! Almost every other time he got off the leash or out of his cage, he would run down the street! There was this one time, he got away, and my mom and I got into the van and went after him. . he usually just jumped in the van but not this time! He just kept running and looking back like it was a game or something. When we couldn't catch him my mom just gave up, so we went home. He never came home that night, nor that next night. I started worrying.. a few more days went by, then one day my dad came home and told me to go outside, so I did.. It was Jake!! I was so happy, even though he ran away, nothing was more amazing then having in my arms again. Then we got chickens, and two died. We didn't know it was him until our third chicken, Sophia, was killed.. I had him on a line which he could run up and down on. Somehow he got off of it and went after her. That was the saddest day, I had her dying slowly in my arms while we were rushing to the Animal Hospital, and I had to make a decision on whether or not to keep Jake. when I got home, I thought it would be best to find him a new home. We took him to the animal shelter, My mom, my brother, and I crying our eyes out.. We went there almost every other day to see if he got adopted. My mom even wanted to re-adopt him.. so we went back, and he wasn't there! It turns out some lady came in and got him, she rescued all sorts of collies and brought them to a farm. Hopefully he found himself a great home, somewhere where he could run freely and be a happy dog. I miss him more then anything, he was a great dog! We shared sad times and happy times together. I love you Jakie Poo!

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Anonymous said...

Your dog, Jake, looks so cute in the first picture. What a sad story! Sorry, you had to give him up.

Lisa S.