Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day ...

The greatest thing in the world happened! Okay, not the greatest.. but very close! I went to Costco last night to return my Nikon (it kept giving me error problems) and when we went to go look at the other camera's, there was nothing that really caught my attention cause they had only two Nikons left. "But I need a camera, I told my mom", so I ended up picking up a Sony Cyber-Shot 8.1 mega pix. When I took it home, I let the battery charge for an hour and then tested my new camera out. (Im a Nikon girl, maybe even a Canon, but never a Sony ) well let me tell you! This camera is so awesome! Even though it's only an 8.1 meg. pix., the way it takes pictures is unbelievable! I think older camera's are wayyy better then newer camera's.. Not saying this one is old. Wow. I finally found a camera I love ! The only bad thing is, it didn't come with a memory card, nor a case.. so ofcourse I have to go get those. I can't wait!

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