Monday, March 16, 2009

Their coming!

I love peeps !

Okay so yesterday I went out on the boat with my father and brother. We put the boat in Chechessee River and took a trip to Hilton Head. It was really foggy (which was kinda creepy). But then the sun came out for an hour or so. Then it started to get cold, so I ended up falling asleep on the boat. Neither of them caught anything (that's probably because there are no longer fish in the river). But it was nice to be out on the river. The water was so calm and clear. There are some things you'll need to bring on a boat: Water, water, and yes, more water! Gatorade, pickels, Dorito's, sunflower seeds, maybe a sandwich or two, carrots, grapes.. (just incase you get stuck out there, you will need something non-salty). You need sunscreen (and apply every 30 mins to an hour). Chapstick with an Spf, a big hat, sunglasses, towels, a magazine (if your a woman), camera, and a phone, for safety. Oh, and definitely something long sleeved, preferably in white.

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