Friday, March 6, 2009

It's time for something new..

My mom and I are getting our haircuts today. I haven't gotten my haircut by anyone else, besides my mom, since I was like six or seven years old. It's kinda of nerve racking.. yet, exciting! Hopefully they wont mess it up.. All I want are layers kind of like Alessandra Ambrosio (Victoria Secret Model). I know they have people that do their hair for them and it takes hours. But I would atleast like mine cut like her's.. and then I will curl it myself or something. I NEVER do anything to my hair, it's either always down, or always up. I never even brush it (Until I finally get tired of the knots). I just want something easy to maintain. I can't wait for Summer , in summer my hair always has that beachy look, with the natural highlights, and curls. Well, I must go take a shower, maybe i'll post some pictures of my new "due" when I get back. Okay, so I went and got it cut. Im just going to say.. my mom could have done a wayyy better job. All she did was give me a little bit of layers, blow dried it, and gave me some curls. This is what a $50 hair cut looks like.

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