Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh joy...

What a day! I had to wake up early to drive 30 mins to give someone my dad works for, a key to get into a house. Then I decided I would go running downtown and lock my keys in my car not remembering my key-pad-code.. (My cell phone was also locked in the car, so I had to run to a coffee shop to call my mother).. I had to return something at Lowes.. I don't even want to explain that one. **Let's just say all the employee's there SUCK!**.. I called Andrew to meet me for some sushi at House of Tokyo. Then I was like "Hey, let's feed the geese at the pond"! So we went to look for bread at the Dollar Tree, they didn't have bread, but I did buy a little bird feeder and a spanish dictionary. Then we went to Wal-Mart, got the bread and went to feed the geese! Well, the geese were being taunted by seagulls.. so we had to feed both the geese and seagulls. It was fun though. It definitely relaxed me. I hope everyone else's day was a little better..

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