Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh La La, Spring is here!

"The weather outside is weather".. (A quote from Forgetting Sarah Marshall).
My kitty, Feebee.. always around while im gardening.
I have decided to do some spring cleaning around the yard! I have also planted some seeds, such as: Orange seeds, two palmetto seeds, that I got from Fl. Keys, spinach, Mesclun lettuce, green onions, and three "unknown" seeds. I can't wait for the three "unknown" ones to grow! I also planted Parsley, two green onions, and more lettuce in a pot that goes on a porch railing, so when we need to cut some stuff, it's right there. Very covenant, I think. :) I feel like a little gardener! I also got two new bird feeders/bath. I use one for food and the other as water for the birds. (All it is a hanging basket with a bowl inside). It was on clearance for only $5.00. Not bad at all! The lettuce I planted a few weeks ago is getting huge! It's time to make delicious salad! Oh, I forgot to mention the most important thing my mom got me yesterday! It's a clay worm, I named him "Pokey", that tells you whether or not your plant needs water. Hah, okay. Well im going to get back to cleaing.
Bye guys, I hope your having wonderful weather like South Carolina is!
~The new little seedlings~

~The new parsely, lettuce, and green onions (which haven't sprouted yet)~

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