Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Let's change it around..

This is my kind of bag! This stylish cotton canvas bag makes reducing your plastic bag consumption a treat. It has tons of pockets both inside and out to keep you organized. Reduce today for plenty of tomorrows! Beau Bag Regular Price $40.00 Sale Price $30.00 I almost forgot to mention last night, while my mom and I were watching a movie, my father yelled out "come here".. We went to laundry room and found this little girl lying on the comforter playing Possum on us. (We used to have an opossum that we rescued, so we have experience with the little guys & girls). We fed the little girl some green grapes and cat food. She also got to stay nice and cozy for a couple of hours until we released her back out into the freezing cold.. where she belongs.**Please do not harm the opossums. They are not something you can keep as a pet. They are very hard to work with and most die because people lack information on them. They are not out to hurt anyone, if anything, they just go on their way, looking for food, moving from place to place. They are not harmful, but they will bite, just like any other wild animal would. My family has experience with them, we aren't out to hurt them, my dad just has a great love for them & likes feeding them.** I hope you enjoy these two cute pictures.

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melaniexlove718 said...


i love your passion for ugly animals, you find ways to see them as cute things :D