Friday, March 13, 2009

Life is good..

Okay, so when I was in Charleston a while back I went into the "Life is Good" store and tried looking for a sticker that has a dog roasting a marshmellow on it (for my car). The sales clerk told me that they don't sell stickers with that print on it.. BUT I just went to their site, and guess what?! They do! Yay! Camp Dog on Lake Sticker - $0.50. View Item I actually like a few things on their site! Like this Lakewood Leather Key Chain - $12.00. View Item It would make a great gift, to myself! (This would look so good on my car key chain). Speaking of "Life is Good", I try using things that are kind of good for the environment such as these paper,plastic, and glass bags from World Market. I have the Plastic one, but im thinking about getting the other two cause I hate storing our carboard/paper next the the trash can, and the glass always gets mixed in with the plastic, which gets irritating when you are recycling it.

Jute Recycling Paper, Plastic or Bottles Bags$6.99

I also use Mrs. Meyers cleaning supplies to clean with it's Earth Friendly and Cruelty Free. I love the Basil counter spray! It smells so good while your spraying and cleaning away! The Lavender dish soap smells so good while your scrubbing your dishes. Did I mention that they have a Seasonal Gingerbread air freshner that is amazing ! I wish they had it all year long, but unfortunately, it only comes out during Christmas time. I will be posting some of my other Earth Friendly products later.
Dish Soap $3.99 Countertop Spray $3.99

If you have any favorite earth friendly products, please share them with me-

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