Thursday, July 9, 2009

One more daaaay!

It's almost here! The 2009 Beaufort Water Festival I mean. Unfortunately... I wont be here, I'll be staying in Haig's Point on Daufuskie Island for the weekend with Jason and two of our friends. The Island is near Hilton Head S.C., you have to get on a ferry in able to get to the island. There's no cars, only golf carts and bikes are your only way of transportation. There are golf courses, pools (which is where I will be), your surrounded by beaches, they have restaurants, a general store, a spa tennis, horse's to ride, etc.. I hear it's really nice! I can't wait to do something other then going to the Water Festival! All I will be missing anyways is the Opening Ceremony, The Concert in the Park, and Teen Night. I really just want to see the Talent Show which is on Wednesday, so it's going to work out perfecccctly! Now if only the sun would come out! It has been raining everyday this past week.. it rained a lot during last year's Water Festival, which was not fun! Annnd, next week I'm going to Atlanta to a Braves game! Woot woot!

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