Saturday, September 12, 2009

Expect, the unexpected..

My boyfriend and I got in a slight argument today, but man did he make it up to me! The whole night was kind of off.. first my boyfriend took my brother and his girl friend to the movies, the only good movies playing just happen to be Rated R, so he got them tickets, but as soon as I got to the movies, my brother was walking out saying they wouldn't let the in, that him and his girlfriend needed a parent signature, so I was just like great.. I went inside, argued.. and ended up leaving, with two kids. After that incident, we rushed to Upper Crust before they closed.. when we got there, they were cleaning and vacuuming.. but we still had twenty minutes! So that kind of sucked.. so we just ended up going to Sonic which turned out to be kind of fun. As we were eating there a car pulled up with some younger kids from Jason's church, they were at some High School function, then another car pulled up with kids more of our age that also went to Jason's church. Jason had the bright idea to start throwing ice at each table, which turned out into an ice throwing fight! It was a lot of fun, it felt like we were all twelve again. After that, we walked back to his truck and it was perfect, the music, ice falling off of us.. Nick kissing his girlfriend. . all I wanted was a kiss and some reason he just gave me a peck, "nooo".. I said,"I want a real kiss"! He pecked me again, then kind of just shoved me in the truck. So on the way to my brother's girl friends house.. I kind of just didn't say anything. Which made Jason think something was wrong. So once we dropped Kate off, he was like "why do you do this".. and the arguing began! After the arguing, which I really didn't even care for, it was so pointless, he dropped me off at my car which was at the movies.. Nick rode with him. I kind of just sat there.. then my brother called and asked where I was, I said I was going to Wal-Mart. Then all of a sudden Jason called, and he acted all sweet, and said he was sorry. Once I got to Wal-Mart, I just walked around then as I was walking to my car, these older ladies were walking in front of me and it sounded like they were saying "Admira".. "Ohh Admira".. I was kind of like okay, let me just hurry up and get in my car. When I went to open the door I saw a bouquet of flowers on my hood, and I looked around the parking lot kind of in awe, then Jason ran up, and kissed me. It was sooo sweet! (And I believe those women were saying Admire.. ) Ha ha.

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