Sunday, September 13, 2009

What models..

I didn't get a chance to watch the new America's Next Top Model since we had to go the funeral, but luckily The CW posted the full two hour show on their site, so I got to watch it! So as I'm watching it (with my boyfriend) I'm just like.... Okay, what the hell... they make 5'7" - and shorter girls look stupid, or at least they picked some fairly immature girls. The whole show was just kind of weird, they had a Jesus freak, a girl who didn't show any emotion, a young mother, a girl that castrates cows, a girl who hurt her ankle and has crutches (which takes a lot of work, so I give her credit), a woman that seriously bitches about everything, her eyes, her hair (she doesn't even have hair!).. did I mention that they didn't even pick the some what attractive girls. But once they got their Ty make over's they started looking better. I guess we will just have to see if any catch my eye during the next show.

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