Friday, September 11, 2009

What a rush!

We left late Wednesday to Atlanta so we could make it to the viewing around one the next day. When we got to Decatur (Atl) my father had to use the restroom quite bad. So we drove around to five gas stations, and guess what, none of them would let him use the bathroom! I thought that was pretty crazy.. then again all of them were Pakistan's that owned the gas stations. So my father ended up using the bathroom behind a fence at Churches Chicken. Ha ha! After that we were off to find a hotel, good thing we had my boyfriend's GPS, it got us to one in no problem. It was just kinda pricey.. the woman at the hotel desk offered us either free parking (you have to pay to stay the night, wow), or two free breakfast coupons, we decided to take the coupons, she also threw in an extra coupon. So we went to our room that was right across from the stairs. Our beds were really small for being full size, but we somehow managed. The next morning my mom took a shower, then my dad, and then my brother.. I was telling them to all hurry so we could go get breakfast. Then my dad said "take a shower and we will go eat somewhere else", so I did. Well the woman at the hotel desk said breakfast ended at 11:00 so we thought hey let's run down there and eat since it was only 10:30. When we got there, it was all cleared/cleaned up. So we exchanged our food coupons for free parking. Then we were off! We drove to Stone Mountain cause we had two hours to spare. Then we went to Moe's for lunch. Then we went to the viewing, which was sad and kind of awkward cause everyone was just standing around. The flower's we got were beautiful, and so were all of the other flowers. It was nice seeing pictures of Aunt Susie, all I could think about is, how nice it would have been to see her one last time.. after the viewing we went to the Chapel, it was a fast ceremony. Then everyone talked and said their good bye's.. and we were off, back to Beaufort. On the way home we went to Bass Pro in Macon G.A. , it was HUGE! And it had the most amazing fish tank! I thought that was pretty cool.
But im glad we went, it was nice seeing the last few people on my Father's side of the family. I really wish I could see my family all the time, cause you never know when they are going to leave this world..

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