Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Birthday wants..

What do I want for my '21st' birthday.. (which is tomorrow, just to let all of ya'll know).
well for starters, I would love more lovely followers, along with more sweet comments :)
I want lots of hugs, and kisses instead of butt-spankings, and pinches!
I want it to be a gorgeous day outside, not too hot, not too cold, sun shinning bright and a few clouds in the sky.
I want a lot of 'Happy Birthday's on my Facebook wall, I have never ever gotten over like 20.. but somehow other people, get a bajillion! -am I not awesome or something?
There's nothing I really 'want' or 'need' other then some new clothes.. and shoes.. how about these?
The dresses, and skirts are from Mod Clothing.
The shoes/heels are from Sundance.
Girls can always use some new clothes, unfortunately, I'm not a millionaire, so I can't afford all of these..
And the gloves are just some spa gloves I want for when I go to sleep at night, so they can repair, and look beautiful in the morning.


the friendliest flower said...

i love the skirt with the lace waistband and happy birthday! hope you get everything you want :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! Sending hugs and kisses and only the best wishes xoxo

Amy said...

Those dresses are too cute! You & me celebrate Friday night at Nippys? Sounds like a plan to me! I can grant you your facebook wish ANDDDDD I'll even give you a big ole hug :)
Hope your birthday is wonderful dear!
P.s. Got some filthy pics of you on my blog ;)