Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The color purple..

I'm loving the color purple right now, it's perfect for spring, don't you think? I love just little hints of it, whether it's on a ring, scarf, top, belt, or a shirt. I would really love to add purple to my wardrobe.
What color are you liking right now?
Top $22.80 at Forever 21
Ring $200-$600 Jessica Ricci Jewelry
Scarf $19.50 American Eagle
Belt $55.00 Banana Republic
Tote $7.50 Wisteria
Stationary $10.00 Build A Nest


Sara Szatmary said...

That ring is perfection1

Mo Pie, Please said...

Ooh! That ring is pretty great! I love purple too, it's always been one of my favorite colors. I love it because there are so many lovely shades of it, and depending on the shade it can work with all seasons! I have a purple bikini that I love.

Leah said...

Purple is an awesome color for spring! I love the ring and scarf and the stationary would be so fun!