Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shark Week

Let's go fishing..
So earlier today, my brother, and Jason were going Shark Fishing. I know what that means.. killing innocent little fish to catch bigger fish. So me being the sweet caring person that I am, didn't want to go. Well, I ended up getting pressured to go. I thought I could just lay out and read or something. Ha, yeah.. okay Kristen. The boys ended up catching tons of bait fish, which made me sad... "whyyyy do we have to kill them", I kept asking.
Once they were finished catching all the bait they needed, we headed to a spot close by the boat ramp, and started fishing, yes, I started fishing for Sharks. In the distance we could see the storm, and it was coming in. It was relaxing, watching the storm in the distance, and fishing with the guys. I ended up catching to baby Sharks, my brother caught some, and a Lady Fish, Jason caught a huge Lady Fish, and he also caught something that was massive, right when he was pulling it in, the line snapped! Oh well..
The storm started getting closer, lighting started to strike, it was definitely time to head to the boat ramp! As we started to make our way to the boat ramp, the wind started picking up, it was crazy! We probably looked like idiots.. but the good thing is, we made it back safe and sound.


Collins @ Life. Mostly Sweet. said...

yikes...that sky is dark!

Kayla said...

Oh those pictures of the storm are so pretty! I can't believe you got to go shark fishing! In New York we are stuck fishing for trout and little fish. Shark fishing sounds much more fun!