Monday, October 10, 2011

$20 can feed two lives

When you read the title of this post,
you probably thought...
 "what is she talking about"..
well what I'm talking about is giving a little something to not only man, but to mans best friend.
Here's a little story I have to share with you all:
Yesterday, I drove out of town with my parents so my brother could look for a truck. (He's about to be seventeen, and wants his own vehicle). Well we were driving through a small town, when we stopped at an intersection, I noticed a man walking a black dog with blue eyes, the man wan homeless; he had a huge backpack, he was holding a small cooler, an umbrella (it was getting ready to rain), and a dog leash. He looked at me and I smiled, he didn't seem to happy. When he turned around I noticed he had a sign latched on to his backpack that said "will work for food". At that moment in time, I was literally heart broken.. here I was with my family going to go look for a truck that is clearly over fifteen grand or more, and this homeless man had nothing but his best friend and a backpack. When we pulled into the Sales Lot of Ford, I kept looking at the man walking down the road. I told my parents I wanted to give him money. My dad was like yeah whatever but my mum knew that I did, she is just as kind hearted as me. She told my dad that I really did want to give money to him. So My dad ended up pulling up next to the man, I gave my mum $20, "$20 really?" she asked, "yes", I replied. She rolled down here window, and gave the man the money, and said to him "now you go feed that dog, and yourself", this is the best part of my story.. ..
the man just lit up! He smiled with his kind blue eyes. He said "thank you very much"! And at that time in my life, I felt better then ever!

 I have a job, I have a roof over my head, I have many animals that have beds they sleep in every night, I can eat whatever, whenever I want.. I have such a great life, I don't need anything else, I have everything I need right here.

Money to me is just money; $20 isn't a whole lot to me, I would have give him more truthfully. My brother made a joke about how he was probably going to go buy a case of beer, but you know what, I really don't care. The point is, I did my part, and for that I feel soo much better about myself as a person helping another person in need.
 And if your one of those people that are just like ... "oh homeless people, they can get jobs if they want, blah blah blah". Look at the news, no, no they can't, so many people are out of work, if they could.. do you really think all of them would choose to be sleeping out on the streets every night? Yes, I'm sure most of them could try but how do you pick yourself up in this kind of economy right now, everyone is in need of some help. Just please consider how great you have it, and just give a little something. Please care, these people aren't just people, they are apart of this world like you and me, we are all one. All I ask is instead of making fun, do a little something better, and lend a little something. You might just feel better about yourself.
And wanna know a secret?
It will come back to you somewhere in your life.

These men might have lost everything, but the one thing they didn't loose, is their best friend.

Have you ever done anything nice for someone?
I hope you all have a lovely Monday!


Erin said...

What a sweet story! I had a similar experience a few weeks back! Same situation...same money given....but he did not have a sweet companion :( It feels so good to give doesn't it?! I don't even miss that $20!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

ahh, i always get so sad whenever i see homeless people with animals. i would always go out and buy dog food and bring it back to them. going to school out in seattle, you would see many homeless people. i started packing two lunches and would stop and give the other to the same one i saw every day for three years.
just a sweet store you shared!
xo TJ

Raven said...

I loved this post because I too have given money spontaneously to the homeless, and I always feel so good afterwards. Not because I think I am "better then others" but because it makes my heart happy when I see how happy it makes the people I handed over $10 to. It really does a make a difference ;)

Jodi said...

great photos Kristen, its also always interesting to hear peoples stories.. what were their life circumstances? why are they where they are now.. its so easy for us to judge others, I am so glad you did something like this, it says alot about the kind of person you are :)
xo j

Fleur De Moi said...

Living in New Orleans it is very hard to ignore the homeless population. Honestly, I prefer it that way before it forces people to pay attention.
I have a rule that if I have cash on me and I see someone who needs it more than me, that I MUST give it to them. Same goes with bottled water (my city is hella hot).
Thanks for sharing.